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Temporary move update, weekend schedule

Our contacts at PGE have indicated that the dock will move next week.  Please read carefully for schedule information and opportunities to help with the move.

Saturday Aug 12 –regular schedule, including L2 class at the boathouse.   Coaches will have rowers de rig some sweep boats after practice.

Sunday Aug 13 AM–regular schedule at the boathouse.  We may de rig SOME sculling boats after practice.

Sunday Aug 13 PM–Willamette River Marathon trailer will arrive back at the boathouse by 1pm.  We will load additional boats and take to our temporary location.  We will need help (15 members) on Sunday at 1pm.   Look for an update Sunday late morning if we need to tweak the scheduled 1pm time a little bit.

Monday Aug 14.  Regular morning schedule, including LTR class from our boathouse.    Afternoon LTR class might get cancelled, if dock is inaccessible Monday mid-day.

Tuesday Aug 15.  In theory, the dock moves Tuesday.   We should be able to resume regular schedule at the temporary location on Wed or TH.  Remaining boats to be moved once dock has been moved.  Stay tuned for those details.

We will announce more details when we know them.  We got burned last time–we moved almost everything BEFORE the dock moved.  We won’t make that mistake again.