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Cascadia Weekend Report

Our annual trip to the Cascadia Masters Championships in Delta, BC gave us tons of rowing (46 events), held in great weather and with typical Canadian hospitality.

Our results were pretty impressive–they are linked below.  Of special note, we had:

•15 gold medals in our 46 events.  That’s a heck of a ratio,

•1, 2 finishes in the Women’s B 4x, Men’s E 2x, Women’s C 4x,

•A near sweep (haha) of the 8+’s races, with 1st in the Women’s and Mixed 8+’s, and a 2nd in the Men’s 8+.

•Showed our depth in the 4x races, winning five different quad events–including the women’s B, C and D 4x.

•Had members race a 1x for the first time, race a sculling race for the first time, make a sculling final for the first time.

•Every rower on the trip won at least one medal.

Thanks to Brad, Penny, Brandy and everyone who helped out.  We got many compliments from regatta organizers for our efficiency on the dock, good sportsmanship and team enthusiasm.   Looking forward to next year.

link to STL specific medalists

link to full results