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Nationals Quick Wrap, return party Monday 6pm

The 2018 Nationals just wrapped up in Oakland.  There are plenty of story lines–more than enough to get us through another winter of training.  Today we had:
•4/5 crews advance from heats
•2nd places for the Men’s D 4x, Women’s A 4x.
•3rd place for the Women’s F 8+ and the Mixed B 4x
•4th for the Women’s D 4x
•5th for our other Mixed B 4x (yes, we qualified two of ’em for finals!)
•6th for the women’s G 2x.

We finished 8th in total club points, out of 101 clubs, with 17 medals.  Perhaps more important than the numbers is the experience gained–the first Nationals for most of our rowers.  And don’t overlook the camaraderie that Station L members are known for.  Like the live stream announcer said, “Station L wins the party.”

As everyone loads the trailer tonight and begins their journey home, we would love to make boat unloading a club-wide event.  Lake Merritt is salty, so we are having a boat wash and rigging party tomorrow, Monday, at 6pm at the boathouse.  The BBQ will be hot and the beverages cold.  Plus there’s a hose 🙂

This was the most successful national regatta in our club’s history, and I thank everyone who filled a practice seat or changed their rowing schedule to accommodate this event.  I must mention the supersize contributions that coaches Jim and Brad made to ensure everyone had an opportunity for excellence (not to forget the rest of the coaching staff back in Portland–you guys rock!).  We were in good hands.  Our coxes–Brandy, Shana, Gabrielle, Sydney and Rod all deserve special recognition as well.

I look forward to a “return to normal” this week, and some long fall pieces.