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Green Lake regatta results (hint–they are pretty good)

Nearly thirty members ventured north to Seattle for the Green Lake Summer Extravaganza on August 1.   Full results at the Green Lake website.  Selected results below.

1st place
Womens Masters 8+
Women’s Novice 8+
Mixed 2x (Arthur, Katie)

2nd place
Women’s pair (Leslie and Celia, rowing against high school and college rowers)
Women’s Masters 4x
Women’s Masters 4+
Women’s Open 4+ (against high school and college rowers)
Men’s 1x (Arthur)
Women’s Novice 4+ (Entry A)
Women’s Novice 4+ (Entry B–different heat)

3rd place
Men’s 4x
Mixed 4x
Mixed 2x (Jared, Dorothy)

Other notable finishes:

•Deirdre 5th in her first singles race!
•Dorothy and Frances, 4th of 8 in a 2x

Congratulations to all.  And special thanks to the coxes and to Travis and Leslie for making it all work.