Head of the Dog Results Posted

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Station L Rowing club raced at the Head of the Dog today.  The water was nice and flat and not much wind.  Perfect for some good racing.

First the costumes.

  • There was a wizard of Oz theme going on with one boat of Dorothy and her gang, and another boat with the good witch and the bad witch.  There is still debate on which witch was which.OzOzOnWater
  • Not pictured we also had Team Cyano (our very own Blue-green algae)
  • In the singles there was a biker & a bat.
  • And in the doubles we had some visitors from Harry Potter, some nice mustached men, and a double that looked like they were struck by lightening.


  • In the singles, we did quite well.1xTrophy and Medals
    • Scott Urbatsch won the 40+ category & fastest single of the day
    • Arthur won the 50+ category
    • Quad
      Mark & George both finished second in their races
    • Lori won the 50+ category

The Oz mixed double got 2nd and was 3rd fastest of all boats

  • Keska & Darrell were 2nd in the mixed 2x, missing first by 10 seconds
  • Zara, Peter & Kristin all raced their first sculling head races and did great.
Updated: 2015/09/26 — 5:59 pm